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Rainbow Bridge Graded Reader - Starter (150 Words) BLH198


Rainbow Bridge features engaging stories known for their twists and turns and deeply touching plots. The topics are selected from Chinese mythology, legends, folklore, literature, biographies of renowned people and historical tales. Each story has an introduction to the main characters in Chinese and English, new words with English explanation and sample sentences and an English translation of the story, followed by comprehension exercises and a vocabulary list to help users read and understand the story and improve their Chinese reading skills. A gradual approach, by grading the volumes based on vocabulary levels, helps students learn to read Chinese at different stages. This series includes the books for Starter Level with 150 Vocabulary Words (入门级:150词)  Please click here for each title description.


Book Titles:
Zhang Liang and His Mentor 张良拜师
Yu the Great Controls the Flood 大禹治水
The Girl in the Painting 画中人
Cangjie, the Inventor of Characters 仓颉造字
Shennong Tasting Wild Plants 神农尝百草
Legend of The Horsehead Fiddle 马头琴的故事
The Gold Axe 金斧头
A Phoenix Egg 凤凰蛋
A Zhuang Brocade 一幅壮锦
Hailibu, The Hunter 猎人海力布
The Long Haired Girl 长发妹
Legend of Qingming Festival 清明节的传说
The Legend of Chinese New Year's Eve 除夕的传说
Legend of the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节的传说
Houyi the Divine Archer 后羿射手
The Cricket 蟋蟀
Monk Huaibing and the Iron Cows 怀丙和尚捞铁牛
Tian Ji and the Horse Racing 田忌赛马
A Young Girl Versus the Giant Snake 李寄斩蛇
Ximen Bao, the Governor of Ye西门豹治邺
Old Frontiersman Losing His Horse 塞翁失马
Jingwei Tries to Fill up the Sea 精卫填海
Mr. Dongguo and the Wolf  东郭先生与狼
Cao Chong Weighed an Elephant  曹冲称象
The Legend of Lantern Festival  元宵节的传说
Ten Brothers 十兄弟
Identifying the Thief by Touching a Bell 摸钟辨盗
Bao Zheng and the Case of the Ox's Tongue 包拯巧断牛舌案
River Snail Girl 田螺姑娘
Yexian-A Cinderella Story from China 叶限 - 中国的灰姑娘

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 35-42 pages/book, 8.25"x5.75, MP3 Download Online.
Item: Rainbow Bridge Graded Reader - Starter (150 Words)
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