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Rainbow Bridge Readers Level 1 (300 Words) BLH199


Rainbow Bridge features engaging stories known for their twists and turns and deeply touching plots. The topics are selected from Chinese mythology, legends, folklore, literature, biographies of renowned people and historical tales. Each story has an introduction to the main characters in Chinese and English, new words with English explanation and sample sentences and an English translation of the story, followed by comprehension exercises and a vocabulary list to help users read and understand the story and improve their Chinese reading skills. A gradual approach, by grading the volumes based on vocabulary levels, helps students learn to read Chinese at different stages, from 150 vocabulary words Starter Level to 300 of Level 1, 500 of Level 2, 750 of Level 3, 1000 of Level 4, 1200 of Level 5 to 2,500 of Level 6. Please click here for each title description.

Book Titles:
Tomb of Three Kings 三王墓
Nuwa the Goddess of Mankind 女娲的故事
The Young Man Beneath the Osmanthus Tree 桂花树下的小伙子
The Assassin and the King 荆轲刺秦王
Magical Lotus Lantern 宝莲灯
Gonggong and the Heaven Pillar 共工撞天柱

Paperback, Simplfied Chinese characters, 39-41 pages/book, 8.25"x5.75, MP3 Download Online.

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Item: Rainbow Bridge Readers Level 1 (300 Words)
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