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Voyage - Chinese B Reading Comprehension Skills BLH256


This book is the exam review materials for IB Chinese Language B. It is written based on 5 themes from the new syllabus (first exam in 2020).

  • It covers a wide range of topics under the 5 main themes including language and identities, beliefs and values, health and well-being, holidays and travel, leisure activities, customs and traditions, migration, entertainment, communication and media, technology, scientific innovation, social relationships, community, social engagement, education, the environment, human rights, peace and conflict, equality, globalization, etc. 

  • Sections of Reading Comprehension Exercise, Mind Map, and Vocabulary Table are found under each topic. On the one hand, multiple types of exercises contribute to the enhancement of reading comprehension skills; on the other hand, the sections of Mind Map and Vocabulary Table enable students to develop their thinking skills and help students build up their language foundation. 

  • The section of Links to TOK is also found under each topic. It enables teachers and students to integrate the teaching and learning of TOK into Chinese classes and to implement a cross-curricular approach. It also helps students develop students’ creative and critical thinking. 

本书是 IBDP 中文 B 考试复习参考教材。本书按照IBDP 语言 B 新大纲(2020 年首次考试)的五大主题编写。

  • 本书涵盖一系列基于五大主题的话题,包括:语言与身份认同、信仰与价值、健康与幸福、假期与旅行、休闲活动、习俗与传统、 移民、娱乐、交流与媒体、科技、科学创造、社交关系、社区、社会参与、教育、环境、人权、和平与冲突、平等、全球化等。

  • 每个话题下设“阅读理解”“思维导图”“生词表”。一方面,通过各种题型集中训练学生的阅读理解能力;另一方面,“思维导图”和“生词表”板块帮助学生培养思维能力,也帮助学生巩固与加强语言基础。

  • 每个话题下还包含“中文阅读与知识论”板块,该板块既帮助老师和学生将TOK的教学融入到中文课堂中,实现跨学科学习,也培养学生的创造性思维和批判性思维。

By Vivienne Fung, Elaine Chen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 213 pages, 9.5x6.75
Item: Voyage - Chinese B Reading Comprehension Skills
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