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IGCSE 0523 Mock Test Papers for Listening and Reading BLH257


This book is based on the new syllabus of Cambridge IGCSE

- Chinese as a Second Language (IGCSE 0523) that has been reviewed and revised for the first examination in 2020, targeting the listening and reading parts for IGCSE 0523.

It includes 20 sets of listening exercises and 10 sets of reading exercises for practice tests, aiming to train examinees to improve their listening and reading skills and help them to get familiar with test items and exam format for good performance and high scores.

本书是针对剑桥大学国际考试中文第二语言(IGCSE 0523)的听力和阅读模拟试题集,根据IGCSE 0523新大纲(2020年首次考试)考试要求编写。


By Vivienne Fung, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 270 pages, 9.5x6.75
Item: IGCSE 0523 Mock Test Papers for Listening and Reading
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