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DP Chinese B Assessment Guide BLH262


DP Chinese B Assessment Guide I Writing is a prep guide for IBDP Chinese B Paper 1, including an introduction to the exam, explanation and practice of different literary genres, writing exercises, and language basis. ① An Introduction to the exam A comprehensive introduction from exam requirements to scoring standards of IBDP Chinese B Paper 1. Guidelines for writing steps, time arrangement, and writing techniques, etc. ② Explanation and practice of different literary genres Different format requirements, writing guidelines and commonly-used phrases and expressions for different literary genres. Explanations on correct answers, reviews of example essays and analysis of typical mistakes. ③ Writing Exercises based on the five major topics with 85 writing practice items in line with different literary genres. 2 sets of writing practice-test materials with example essays and reviews for SL/HL learners. ④ Language Basis Meticulously-selected fine sentences, frequently-used synonym and similar Chinese characters that are easily mistaken in line with the five major topics to improve writing skills.

DP Chinese B Assessment Guide II Listening Reading Speaking is a prep guide for DP Chinese B paper 2 and internal assessment, mainly including listening, reading, speaking three parts. Each part includes exam overview, explains and exercises and mock papers.
The book analyzes the outline to guide for exam: List the exam requirements and scoring standards, summarizes the principles and skills of answering questions, and provides methods for preparing the exam.
The book sorts out question types combined with examples. 5 categories of listening questions and 26 types of reading questions combined with exercises. Good examples for oral expressions and discussions. 50 types of spoken topics high-frequency used.
The book provides mock papers and materials for language basis: 2 sets of listening mock papers and 2 sets of reading mock papers for SL and HL students. Appendix: Commonly used near-tone characters, Chinese community common word comparison and Spoken samples combined with culture.

《DP中文B考試指導上》是 IBDP 中文 B 考试试卷一的寫作篇备考指导,旨在帮助学生提高写作能力、高效准备考试。 ①考试概述 从考试要求、评分标准角度对试卷一进行全面介绍。 在写作的步骤安排、时间建议、方法技巧方面给予指导。 ②文体讲练 针对每种文本类型,提供格式要求、写作指导、常用表达。 结合具体题目,给出解题分析、范文点评、常见错误。 ③作文练习 针对每种文本类型,提供5大主题的作文练习,共85道作文练习。 为SL和HL的学生提供2套写作模拟试题,配有考生例文、考官点评。 ④语言基础 提供五大主题的好句精选、常用近义词、易错形近字等,帮学生提高写作能力。

By Angela Wu, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 226-245 pages, 9.5"x6.7"
Item: DP Chinese B Assessment Guide
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