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Live ABC - Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 10 - Vacations & Hotels BLL102


Live Interactive Chinese combines conversation, pronunciation and cultural tips all in one book. The two audio CDs and one CD-ROM(MP3) that come with this book help students learn Chinese in an interactive and fun way. This book makes the transition from basic to applied usage, with additional features to liven up the products. Using concepts from Spiral Learning, this book incorporates vocabulary, sentence patterns and grammar from the previous eight issues into new themes for revision purposes, so that the students can familiarize themselves further with that they have already learned. Moreover, each book revolves around a central theme that is explored through different levels and formats, reaching the ACTFL's 5Cs standard (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities). Through this, the learner can effectively grasp the keywords and practical sentences of each theme and get to learn about another culture. This helps the learner integrate Chinese with other academic subjects and use Chinese in a practical, everyday setting.

This monthly focus is vacations and hotels. Students will learn vocabulary in the hotel as well as the practical phrases used when staying in hotels. During the free time staying the hotel, nothing is more exciting than watching a baseball game. With guidance of Wenzheng and Lily, you will find out some of the most famous Chinese baseball players. To try out some exercise on your own, you can follow our Talk Show video or learn how to read a gym schedule and timetable in the Live Reading unit. Please review the table of content.

Feature Highlights-
1. Hotel Vocabulary
2. How to book an accommodation
3. Practical phrases used when staying in hotels
4. How to read a gym schedule / timetable

Moreover, Live Interactive Chinese contains both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, presented side by side for easy comparison. The variety of units and accompanying Audio CD, CD-ROM and DVD will help the students integrate their lessons into everyday life, raise their interests and improve their Chinese abilities. Price includes book, audio CD, CD-ROM and DVD.

Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin and English, 96 pages, 8.25"x11", 1 CD/1 CD-ROM(MP3)/1 DVD
Item: Live ABC - Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 10 - Vacations & Hotels
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