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Live ABC - Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 - Chinese in the City BLL126


Product Characteristics:
1.Simplified and Traditional Chinese
2.Step-by-step Curriculum
3.Everyday Chinese
4.Situational Learning
5.Video & 3D Animated Lessons
6.Glimpses into Chinese Culture
7.Fully Interactive CD-ROMs
8.Multi-stage DVD Series
9.Chinese Proficiency Test

Table of Contents:
1. Picture Dictionary: Vivid illustrations of the vocabulary make memorizing vocabulary much easier. This issues' "Picture Dictionary" will show you what banks, bookstores and hospitals are called in Chinese.
2.Sentence Patterns: Frequently used practical phrases of everyday life act as warm-ups for students before they dive into the main theme of the current volume. As long as the five essential phrases are memorized, Chinese learning will become that much easier. This current volume focuses on two health-related sentence patterns: (1) to describe your symptoms and the clinic you wish to see, and (2) to understand the prescriptions and instructions given by hospital staff.
3.Sitcom: Dramatizations of everyday life situations help incorporate Chinese into our daily lives. In this volume, Carlo the exchange student has the flu, and Xiaoyu has broken her leg. What happened? Read this section to find out and learn new vocabulary and sentences to do with emergencies.

Please review the table of content.

Price includes book, audio CD, CD-ROM and DVD.

Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin and English, 80 pages, 11"x8.25", 1 Audio CD/1 CD-ROM(MP3)/1 DVD
Item: Live ABC - Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 - Chinese in the City
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