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I Can Read Myself Indigo Small Books (K2-3 12 Books) BSE215


Designed for the youngest students of Mandarin or Cantonese, the I Can Read MySelf series is eye-catching and fun. Children learn Chinese characters as they follow along with brightly-colored and whimsical story books. The series emphasizes character recognition through visual and sound repetition and builds vocabulary through short stories. The stories gently progress in complexity within the four levels. The I Can Read MySelf series teaches a total of 661 words in the 48-book set. Designed for use by children ages three to seven in a Chinese-speaking environment, the books are also appropriate for older children in a non-Chinese environment. Choose from Simplified or Traditional characters, each set includes 12 books, one audio CD in Mandarin and Cantonese and one workbook. Grade K-2. 


Book Titles:
What Is Love 什麼是愛
Everybody Needs Love 人人都要愛
Have To Love The Earth 地球也要愛
Why Can't Fly 為什麼不能飛
Why Grows Higher 為什麼會長高
Why Disappear 為什麼不見了
Mom Loves Us 媽媽愛我們
We Love Mom 我們愛媽媽
We Miss Daddy 我們想爸爸
Dragon Boat Festival 端午節
Mid-autumn Festival 中秋節
Chinese New Year 春節

Paperback, Traditional or Simplified Chinese Characters with Pinyin, 8 pages/book, Vocabulary: 2 pages, 6.5"x5.5", Workbook in Simplified or Traditional characters: 24 pages, 10.25"x7.4"
Item: I Can Read Myself Indigo Small Books (K2-3 12 Books)
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