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I Can Read Myself Orange Series Big Books (K2-3) BSE223


Designed for the youngest students of Mandarin or Cantonese, the I Can Read MySelf series is eye-catching and fun. Children learn Chinese characters as they follow along with brightly-colored and whimsical story books.
The series emphasizes character recognition through visual and sound repetition and builds vocabulary through short stories. The stories gently progress in complexity within the four levels.
The I Can Read MySelf series teaches a total of 661 words in the 48-book set. Designed for use by children ages three to seven in a Chinese-speaking environment, the books are also appropriate for older children in a non-Chinese environment. Choose from Simplified or Traditional characters, each set includes 12 books, one audio CD in Mandarin and Cantonese and one workbook. K2-3.

Book Titles:     
My House 我的房子 
Flying 飛  
Who Ate the Cake? 誰吃了蛋糕 
Shoes 鞋子 
Going Home 回家 
I Am Thinking 我想 
Get Dressed!  Little Brother 弟弟穿衣 
The Cat & The Frog 花貓和青蛙
Last Night 昨晚
The First One 第一個
Please Wait 等一下
Where's The Wind? 風在哪裡 

Paperback, Traditional or simplified Characters, 8 pages/book, 17"x14.5"
Item: I Can Read Myself Orange Series Big Books (K2-3)
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