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I Love Reading Series Small Books (K-2 12 Books) BSE236


Designed for the youngest students of Mandarin or Cantonese,  I Love Reading series will help young children learn reading Chinese through brightly-colored and whimsical stories. The stories gently progress in complexity within the three levels. The I Love Reading series teaches a total of 300 words in the 36-book set. Designed for use by children ages three to seven in a Chinese-speaking environment, the books are also appropriate for older children in a non-Chinese environment. Choose from Simplified or Traditional characters, each set includes 12 books, one audio CD in Mandarin and Cantonese and one workbook. Grade K-2. 

我愛讀叢書是寫給學前兒童的,採用全語文閱讀方法編寫,它具有下列特點: (1)每個故事的新字約10個,幼童讀起來容易明白,負擔不重,心理上輕鬆愉快。(2) 每3個故事的主角重複為一組,特別吸引幼童,有助提高他們對文字的感知能力,潛移默化地對閱讀產生興趣。(3) 細緻的插圖、幽默有趣的故事情節和重複的句式,有助訓練幼童的觀察力、聯想力和猜測能力等閱讀技巧,達到提前識字、提早閱讀的效果。本叢書共3輯,每輯12本。幼童讀完這36個故事,認讀了300個單字和416個字詞。每輯有12本小書, 另備練習本以供選購。練習本中的不同練習,將字詞放在不同的語境中,讓他們反覆溫習、鞏固字詞,累積語文知識,為進一步的閱讀奠定良好的基礎. 附廣東話 、普通話CD

Paperback, Traditional or Simplified Chinese Characters, 8 pages/book, Vocabulary: 4 pages, 6.5"x5.5"
Item: I Love Reading Series Small Books (K-2 12 Books)
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