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Reading Program 500 - 800 Words (8 Books) BSE277


Reading Program 500 - 800 Words (8 Books) - Each level contains an additional 100 new words in comparison to those of the previous level. Each level comes in two volumes, Reading Program 500 Words: Volume 1 Little Rooster is Swimming and Volume 2 Littler Turtle Flies to Sky; Reading Program 600 Words: Volume 1 Little Cats Learns How to Walk, Volume 2 Little Grey Dog Looks For Owner; Reading Program 700 Words: Volume 1 Moving, Volume 2 Sunflower Has Been Stolen; Reading Program 800 Words: Volume 1 Not Pout Lips Anymore, Volume 2 Let Little Bird Fly Away. It is suitable for children from 7 to 8 years old. It consists of stories which include flash cards, CD's, workbooks for different levels. Get Reading Program 100 Words, 200 Words, 300 & 400 Words and 900 - 1200 Words too.

Book Titles:
A Little Bird Drinks Water 小公鸡游水 500字第一册
Little Turtle Flies into the Sky 小乌龟飞上天 500字第二册
Kitten Learns to Walk 小猫学走路 600字第一册
Greyhounds Searches for Its Master 小灰狗找主人 600字第二册
We are Moving 要搬家了 700字第一册
The Stolen Sunflower 向阳花被偷了 700字第二册
Don't Puck Your Lips 不再嘟嘴巴 800字第一册
Let the Bird Fly 让小鸟飞走 800字第二册

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 25 pages, 7"x5"

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Item: Reading Program 500 - 800 Words (8 Books)
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