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Self Reading Stories - Standard 3 BSE287


Self Reading Stories - Standard 3 is based on the primary school grade 3 syllabus. Students can read by themselves without assistance from parents, teachers, or others. Standard 3 contains 6 books and 1 storytelling CD, which include science, myths, idioms, folk stories, and historical stories, each offering  different levels of vocabulary words. Self Reading Stories - Standard 1, 2 and 4 are available.

Book Titles:
Uncle Became Pretty 变漂亮的阿谷
Triumphant 扬扬得意
Thief in the House 藏在屋里的小偷
Origin of Aries 白羊座的由来
The Kind Robot 爱心机器人
Alien's Gift 外星人的礼物

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 15 pages/book, 7"x7", 1 CD
Item: Self Reading Stories - Standard 3
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