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Children Self-Care Story Books BSK058


The Themselves Children Story Books series brings to life real-world narratives through illustrated stories, and depicts how children learn to teach themselves life lessons through their experiences. The series works to instill a sense of responsibility and self-confidence within any young reader!


Book Titles:
I Will Use Toilet on My Own 我會自己上廁所
I Will Brush My Teeth 我會自己刷牙
I Will Eat on My Own 我會自己吃飯
I Will Change My Own 我會自己穿衣服
I Will Pay Attention to My Health 我會注意身體健康
I Will Do Homework on My Own 我會自己做功課
I Will Clean Up My Toys 我會自己收拾玩具
I Will Go to Bed Early 我會早睡早起

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 28 pages/book, 6.5"x7.20"
Item: Children Self-Care Story Books
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