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Grandmother Lives in the Perfume Village BSE548


Grandmother lived in the village of perfume sick. small music and her mother went to see my grandmother. along with three generations in the sun. drinking tea. recall past times. Later. the grandmother left the perfume village. moved heaven. Mom often against the sky in a daze. or tears. Yue with innocence and Zhizhuo. the elderly and the time together. little by little to resolve the mother's heartache and longing. For example. a small music and her mother walk. to see the sunset. Yue said. it is the grandmother in heaven omelette; rain. Yue said. is the grandmother in heaven do laundry. Finally. a small music suddenly remembered something important. told her mother: !? Mom. you do not go and grandmother drink tea Yeah you and I'm here to drink. okay.


By Suzhen Fang, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 40 pages, 11x9.5"
Item: Grandmother Lives in the Perfume Village
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