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When the Crocodile Meets Panda BSE573


A large crocodile was reading a magazine under a large tree when a cute panda came to chat with her. Panda sees Crocodile looking at the man and woman in the magazine, and then quite suddenly cries out for mom and dad. He thought it was very strange.

Crocodile painfully tells him, humans catch crocodiles to make leather handbags and belts. Panda was also sad to say his family was send to zoos and suffered rough encounters. They can only sigh in agreement: Alas! What will happen in the end?

绘本特别请三叶草故事家族发起人李迪撰写了 “绘本赏析”《我们还能走多远》,请小学语文教师倾情设计了“导读手册”,为绘本课堂教学和亲子共读设计生动有趣的阅读活动,还请画家设计了有趣好玩的“视觉游戏”,内容丰富、形式多彩,把绘本打造成可读、可学、可玩的“三合一”最具个性和阅读张力的原创绘本。

By Fang Suzhen, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 32 pages, 11x7.5"
Item: When the Crocodile Meets Panda
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