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Chinese Paradise Companion Reader Level 2 (12 Books) BSG277


Chinese Paradise—Companion Reader is a series of readers based on the textbooks of Chinese Paradise (2nd edition). There are six levels in total, with 12 books in each level. Levels 1-3 correspond to YCT 1-2, and Levels 4-6 correspond to YCT 3-4.

Each book tells an interesting Chinese story and provides audio recording, explanations of new words, simulated YCT exercises, and English translation. The story makes good use of the vocabulary and sentence patterns in the textbook and is characterized by simple language and lively pictures. It gives young readers wings, taking them on a journey of fascinating reading while helping them consolidate what they’ve learned in the textbook. Small surprises are hidden in the pictures waiting for young readers to discover.

《汉语乐园同步阅读》是根据经典儿童汉语教材《汉语乐园》(第2版)课本设计的配套读物,共6级,每级12册。1-3级适用于YCT 1-2级汉语水平,4-6级适用于YCT 3-4级汉语水平。每册书讲述一个汉语趣味小故事,并配有录音、生词注释、YCT模拟小练习和英文翻译。故事紧扣课本词汇、句型,简洁的文字、生动的图画,为小读者插上双翼,带他们畅游奇妙阅读天地,轻松巩固课本所学知识。图画中还隐藏着许多文字以外的小惊喜,等待着小读者们去探索发现!

Book Titles: 
What's Your Nationality? 你是哪国人
I’m From Mars 我从火星来
It’s Half Past Seven 现在七点半
Today is June 21st 今天六月二十一号
I’m Going to the Park 我去公园
Where is the Mouse 小老鼠在哪儿
I’m a Doctor 我是医生
I Want to Be… 我想当……
I Don’t Like Dogs 我不喜欢狗
There are Fish in the River 河里有鱼
Blue is the Most Beautiful 蓝色最好看
Whose Hat is This 这是谁的帽子

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 10 pages/book, 8.5x8.5
Item: Chinese Paradise Companion Reader Level 2 (12 Books)
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