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Selected Stories by Lao She BSS008


This bilingual book is a collection of stories by Lao She, a prominent Chinese playwright and author of humorous, satiric novels and short stories. This collection of stories includes classics such as A Vision, Black Li and White Li, The Eyeglasses and Crescent Moon. 'Crescent Moon', written in the early stage of his creative life is one of Lao She's most widely read stories and depicts the miserable life of a mother and daughter and their deterioration into prostitution. While reading in English, you can also learn more Chinese by studying the characters on the opposing pages! We also carry Teahouse, Lao Shê’s most famous play. To learn more about Lao She, click here.

By Lao Sh?, English and Simplified Chinese Characters, 193 Pages, 5'' x 7.75''
Item: Selected Stories by Lao She
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