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Select Stories by Lu Xun BSS017


This Chinese and English bilingual book collects seven essays by Lu Xun, the Father of the Modern Chinese literature. Lu Xun is arguably not the greatest writer of modern China but his passion to truly work toward the health of the nation, was to diagnose the nation as an author rather than a physician. He abandoned the study of medicine because he thought he could change society through his writings. Most of his short stories were written between 1918 and 1925; but he perfected his essay style in the 1930's, when he resided in Shanghai. Most of his essays are incorporated in the textbooks of elementary and high schools in China. These stories include “A Madman’s Diary”, “Kong Yiji”, “Medicine”, “The True Story of Ah Q”, “The New Year Sacrifice”, “In the Tavern”, “Regret for the Past”. In English and Chinese. To learn more about Lu Xun, click here.


By Lu Xun, Paperback, English and Chinese, 326 Pages, 5.0" x 7.875"
Item: Select Stories by Lu Xun
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