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Chinese Festivals Wall   BLP162                              BLP116                                   BLP117
        Charts and Flash Cards
        This series of posters and flash
        cards is packed with an assortment
        of Chinese nouns, all of which are
        related to the various Chinese
        festivals or 12 Chinese zodiac                                                                               Posters
        animals. The words are written
        in their Chinese characters, with
        pinyin and English translations. The
        posters are waterproof, durable
        and portable. Laminated poster,
        Simplified or Traditional Chinese
        characters, Pinyin and English,
        Poster: 34.6"x22.8". Flash Card:
        BLP162 Poster (SC)     $9.99
        BLP163 Poster (TC)     $9.99
        BLF129 Festival Flash Card
              and Poster Set (SC)  $12.95
        BLF130 Festival Flash Card
              and Poster Set (TC)  $12.95                           Character, Radical and Vocabulary Posters
              The Spring Festival                                   Use these colorful, double-sided posters to teach children basic Chinese
              The Lantern Festival                                  words and Chinese character structures. Laminated Paper, Simplified
              Tomb-Sweeping Day                                     Chinese characters, 22.75"x17".Ages 6+.
              Dragon Boat Festival                                  $5.95 each
              Mid-Autumn Festival     BLF129                        BLP116  Basic Characters, Intermediate Characters or Pinyin
              Chinese Zodiac                                        BLP117  People, Family Members, Fruits and Vegetables or Animals
        BSO034            BLP257

                                                                       Chinese Audio
                                                                       This poster series is
                                                                       an innovative solution
                                                                       for Chinese learners
                                                                       who have difficulty with pronunciations. Great for use in classrooms
                                                                       and at home: just click on a character and you will hear its proper
                                                                       pronunciation. Poster, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English,
                                                                       22.8"x16.9". 1 Battery Powered Speaker.
        Chinese Words: Board Books and Posters                         $17.95 each
        This series of books and posters teaches young children common Chinese words. Each of the   BPO004 Characters, Vegetables and Fruits, Animals, People
        small board books and posters is themed to introduce about 20 subject-related words, which      or Transportation
        are illustrated with photos and accompanied by pinyin and English. The board books can be used   BLP100
        in the classroom or at home. The posters are also great decorations for classrooms. Simplified        BLP101
        Chinese characters and Pinyin. Ages 4-10.
        BSO034  24 Board Books (18 pages/book, 3.75”x3.6”)        $149.95
        BLP257   24 Posters (20.5"x30”)                      $99.95
        Family, Body, Room, Clothes, Stuff, Vegetables, Fruit, Food, Drink, Animals (1 and
        2), Transportation, Weeks, Months and Seasons, Colors and Shapes, Nature and
        Weather, Hobbies, Classroom, Directions and Locations, My Day, Festivals, Moods
        and Expressions, Politeness, Quantifiers or Antonyms

                                      Chinese Pinyin Table              Chinese Phonetic System
                                      This comprehensive pinyin poster makes   Incorporating these large posters in lessons is the perfect way for
                                      it easy for both children and adults alike   children and adults to learn Chinese pronunciation (pinyin) or common
                                      to learn to properly pronounce Chinese   radicals; great for use in classrooms and homes. Pinyin and the common
                                      characters, with pinyin presented in a table   radicals are presented in a table format so that students can easily learn
                                      format. Poster, 21"x30".Ages 6+.   to pronounce and write Chinese characters. Paper, 24.5"x34.5".
                                      BLP085 $7.50                      $9.95 each
                                                                        BLP100    Chinese Phonetic System (Pinyin)
                                                                        BLP101    Common Radicals of Chinese Characters
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