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First Discovery Series - Single Species Animal BLC068


Beautiful first information books showcase the marvels of the world using trasparent acetate pages that life, revealing a related illustration underneath: the skeleton inside a bird, the seeds and stones inside fruit, the bare winter tree that will come of a green tree. The illustrations help young readers understand the world around them and discover how it changes. Single Species Animal Category introduces seven different animals, Tiger, Coccinella, Dinosaurs, Panda, Parrot, Lion and Butterfly. This is a transparent zoo. Ages 4-8. Get Technology CategoryVariety of Animals Category and Variety of Plants Category in the same series.

Book Titles:
The Tiger 老虎
The Ladybug 七星瓢虫
Dinosaurs 恐龙
The Panda 熊猫
The Parrot 鹦鹉
The Lion 狮子
The Butterfly 蝴蝶

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 13 pages/book, 9"x8.65"
Item: First Discovery Series - Single Species Animal
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