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First Discovery Series-The Zoo Far Away BLC320


Beautiful first information books showcase the marvels of the world using trasparent acetate pages that life, revealing a related illustration underneath: the skeleton inside a bird, the seeds and stones inside fruit, the bare winter tree that will come of a green tree. The illustrations help young readers understand the world around them and discover how it changes. Each title in this series is dedicated to a specific part of the evolution of life, how life is created, how baby animals are born and what they do when they are young, how to raise them properly and what they eat. With colorful images and a ‘screen’ to introduce each sense, this series will enhance children’s perception of life and develop an awareness of life.


Life in the Forest 森林里的动物
Life in the Cave 洞穴里的动物
Life on the Beach 海滩边的动物
Life in the Desert 沙漠里的动物
Life in the Ocean 深海里的动物

By Gallimard Jeunesse, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 23 pages/book, 7.25"x6.25"
Item: First Discovery Series-The Zoo Far Away
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