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Why Should I? BLC876


Titles in the enlightening and entertaining Why Should I? series of picture storybooks answer questions that younger boys and girls are likely to ask about a wide range of topics. Part of every child's development consists of asking questions about themselves, their friends and neighbors, and their surroundings. Why Should I? books help them discover good answers. Kids will be attracted by the amusing color illustrations on every page, and parents and teachers will appreciate the note at the back of each book offering further suggestions on answering children's questions. Please click to view individual book descriptions. Please click for individual book descriptions.


Book Titles:
Why Should I Recycle? 我的环保行动书
Why Should I Protect Nature? 别伤害自然
Why Should I Recycle? 垃圾放哪里
Why Should I Save Water? 没水了
Why Should I Save Energy? 停电了
My Senses 我的五官体验书
Hearing 听觉的秘密
Sight 视觉的秘密
Smell 嗅觉的秘密
Taste 味觉的秘密
Touch 触觉的秘密
Nature's Miracles 我的自然发现书
Once There Was a Caterpillar 从前有一条毛毛虫
Once There Was a Raindrop 从前有一个小雨滴
Once There Was a Seed从前有一粒种子
Once There Was a Tadpole 从前有一只小蝌蚪
Why Should I? 我的生活练习书
Why Should I Share? 分享的快乐
Why Should I Help? 助人的真谛
Why Should I Listen? 倾听的美丽
Why Should I Eat Well? 吃饭的学问
Simple Science 我的科学知识书
Levers 杠杆
Slopes 斜面
Pulleys 滑轮
Wheels and Cogs 车轮和齿轮
Values 我的心灵成长书
It Wasn't Me 不是我做的
I Don't Care 不关我的事
Excuse Me 对不起
I'll Do It 我可以
Looking After Me 我的习惯培养书
Keeping Clean 我好干净
Teeth 我会刷牙
Eating Well 我不挑食
Exercise 我爱运动 
Taking Medicine 我不乱动药 
Safety 我要保护自己
Watch Out! 我的安全养成书
At Home 家里的安全
On the Road 路上的安全
Out and About 户外的安全
Near Water 水边的安全

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 123-183 pages/book, 8.27"x7.5"
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