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Shuang Shuang Chinese Vol. 1 - Vol. 9 BLE013


Shuang Shuang Chinese textbooks are designed especially for overseas students and suitable for children and teenagers mastering basic Chinese (for weekend Chinese classes). The editors are Ms Wang Shuangshuang from California and several Chinese experts and scholars and the books are compiled on the basis of eight-year overseas teaching experience. There are 20 volumes to be used during nine years, covering 2,500 Chinese characters, including basic Chinese knowledge of pinyin, Chinese words, sentence patterns, and passages (Volume 1-9) and systematic knowledge about Chinese culture, geography, history, and philosophy (Volume 10-20). The texts covers extensive knowledge horizon, are interesting to learn and compiled on a step-by-step basis. Each set includes one textbook, two workbooks, one CD-ROM, and 120 flash cards. 

《双双中文教材》是一套专门为海外学生编写的中文教材。它是由美国加州王双双老师和中国专家学者共同努力,在海外多年的实践中编写出来的。全书共20册,识字量2500个,包括了从识字、拼音、句型、短文的学习,到初步的较系统的中国文化的学习。教材大体介绍了中国地理、历史、哲学等方面的丰富内容,突出了中国文化的魅力。课本知识面广,趣味性强,深入浅出,易教易学。全套书均有CD-ROM。这套教材体系完整、构架灵活、使用面广。学生可以从零起点开始,一直学完全部课程20册;也可以将后11册(10-20册)的九个文化专题和第五册( 汉语拼音)单独使用,这样便于高中和大学开设中国哲学、地理、历史等专门课程以及假期班、短期中国文化班、拼音速成班使用,符合了美国AP中文课程的目标和基本要求。Please review the Chinese introduction of each volume.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Textbook- 39-62 pages, Workbook- 20-28 pages, 11.25"x8.25", 120 Flash Cards, 1 CD-ROM
Item: Shuang Shuang Chinese Vol. 1 - Vol. 9
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