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Shuang Shuang Chinese Vol. 15 or Vol. 16 BLM053


Appreciation of Chinese Literature is Volume 15 of Chinese Language and Culture Course Textbook. It is suitable for the students finishing the previous 14 volumes and have mastered basic knowledge of Chinese culture and more than 1,000 Chinese characters. Because there are 10 lessons, 10-14 classes are required to finish the book (1.5-2 hours per class). The texts are extracts of classical and modern literary works with interesting content and inspiring ideas. Each text has 1,000-1,500 words and is designed to improve the reading skills of students, which will lay a solid foundation for their future reading of complete literary works. Appreciation of Chinese Poetry is Volume 16 of Chinese Language and Culture Course Textbooks, it being suitable for students who have mastered more than 1,200 Chinese characters. The textbook contains a large amount of famous ancient poems, but it also focuses on contemporary poets as well. Some of the poems depict the hard life of the poor, some express the great vision of the hero, some are about love, and some praise the beautiful landscape. The purpose of compiling a dedicated poetry textbook is to help the students understand the unique beauty of Chinese poetry as well as their rich means in expressing various feelings and emotions. Each set includes one textbook and two workbooks. Please review the table of content. Shuang Shuang Chinese volume 1-9, volume 10, volume 11, volume 12 & 13, volume 14, volume 17 and volume 18-20 are available.


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Textbook: 92-104 pages, Workbook: 24 pages, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Shuang Shuang Chinese Vol. 15 or Vol. 16
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