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Chinese Odyssey Textbook Vol. 1 BLO032


The first year of Chinese Odyssey helps learners lay the groundwork.  With strong emphasis on pronunciation and generous use of colloquial expressions, it enables students to speak Chinese accurately and fluently. Written Chinese is introduced, but at a slower pace than the spoken lanugage. This textbook contains dialogs and texts, clear and detailed explanations of grammar rules and language usage, coordinated grammar and communication exercises, and cultural material—such as common idioms and slang—to enhance students' practical knowledge of Chinese culture. Accompanying WorkbookAudio CD and Multimedia Cd-Rom Set are also available.Get our Chinese Odyssey Textbook Vol. 2 , Chinese Odyssey Textbook Vol. 3 & 4 , Chinese Odyssey Textbook Vol. 5 and Chinese Odyssey Textbook Vol. 6 , too!

Chinese Odyssey features:

  • A wide range of activities that develop and solidify students' listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills.
  • A variety of images, video, audio and readings that incorporate all the basic language skills in a dynamic multimedia environment.
  • Precisely graded vocabulary and clear, detailed explanations of grammatical rules and language usage.
  • Colloquial phrases and cultural material mixed into the solid grammar base, to enhance students' working knowledge of Chinese culture.
  • Exercises and quizzes modeled after the HSK, China's standardized test of Chinese for foreign learners, making it the ideal series for anyone who plans to study or work in China.
  • Flexibility for students to optimize activities for their personal skill level, e.g., by adjusting the speed of audio clips.
  • Immediate feedback on exercise results, with relevant explanations to further improve students' language skills.

Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters, English & Pinyin, 190 Pages, 8.5'' x 11''
Item: Chinese Odyssey Textbook Vol. 1
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