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Pourquoi BSC122


Jimmy has been a best-selling author and illustrator in Taiwan and Hong Kong for many years. His charming books mix adult issues with whimsical children's illustrations. Told in poetry format, his subjects include beliefs, imagination, relationships, and more. Jimmy's books have captured the hearts of young people. "Pourquoi" asks endless "Why" questions from the perspective of a four year old child. Although there is no answer for these "Whys", you seem figured them out yourself. In Traditional or Simplified characters.

"Pourquoi"是法文「為什麼」的意思,讀音很像布瓜,幾米神來一筆地替自己的新書取了這個名字,才看完初稿,我就被傳染了, 張口閉口就愛問人:「為什麼?」

By Jimmy, Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters, 128 pages, 8.25"x6.25"
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