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Meeting You in Dreamscape BSY186


Meeting You in Dreamscape is about a girl who has a guardian angel that watches and protects her. Her love for him causes her to blindfold herself in order for him to appear. This story is written by best-selling author, Jimmy, and is illustrated in Taiwan and Hong Kong. His charming books mix adult issues with whimsical children's illustrations. Told in poetry format, his subjects include beliefs, imagination, relationships, and more. Jimmy's books have captured the hearts of young people. For ages 6-10.

意外发生之后,她受了伤,他却永远离开这个世界。和他在一起做过的许多梦,现在都不可能实现了。她经常带着泪水入梦,总是梦到同样的风景:他们俩人站在树下﹐幸福地等待花开。然而一阵狂风吹过,再也找不到他的踪迹…… 有时她会隐隐感觉到一阵蝴蝶拍翅般的轻柔微风,一股幽幽袅袅的清雅花香……似乎有人一直在她耳边殷殷叮咛,时时保护着她。她相信是他变成了天使,守护着她。 但她不了解天使的宿命,不知道当她睁开双眼,重新看见这个世界时,却再也听不见那温暖的声音……

By Jimmy, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 38 pages/book, 8"x7"
Item: Meeting You in Dreamscape
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