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The Blue Stone BSC206


The Blue Stone lived happily in the forest.  Then one day an intense fire came and destroyed everything in its path. It was so strong that it even broke the stone into two pieces. One half of the stone stayed in the forest while the other half decided to move to the city. After some time, the stone in the city began feeling homesick and decided he wanted to go back to his other half in the forest. What happens next?... This is a great book for children to learn about the importance of family. The Blue Stone is written by Jimmy, who has been a best-selling author and illustrator in Taiwan and Hong Kong for many years. His charming books mix adult issues with whimsical children's illustrations. Told in poetry format, his subjects include beliefs, imagination, relationships, and more. Jimmy's books have captured the hearts of young people. Choose from Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters.

当寂寞以天崩地裂之势袭卷而来, 唯有强烈的思念才能引领它回到想望的地方
蓝石头静静躺在森林深处,度过了一万年之久。它以为它会永远待在这里,直到地老天荒。但是,一场漫天大火烧毁了森林,美丽的蓝石头被撞裂成两半,一半留在森林里,另一半却被运往城市 这是一个关于寂寞与追寻的故事。藉由蓝石头华丽而又沧桑的旅程,我们仿佛看到,即使是一丝希望的光芒,也可以照亮整个宇宙的黑暗。

By Jimmy, Paperback, Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters, 137 pages/book, 8.125" x 9.5"
Item: The Blue Stone
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