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Reading Program 900 - 1200 Words (8 Books) BSE278


Reading Program 900 - 1200 Words (8 Books) - Each level contains an additional 100 new words in comparison to those of the previous level. Each level comes in two volumes, Reading Program 900 Words: Volume 1 Make New FriendsM, Volume 2 Share Good Things; Reading Program 1000 Words: Volume 1 Make Crafts, Volume 2 Do Magic; Reading Program 1100 Words: Volume 1 Misunderstanding Owl, Volume 2 Costume Party; Reading Program 1200 Words: Volume 1 Little Wolf Wears School Uniform, Volume 2 Deer Cleans House. This set is suitable for children from 8 to 9 years old. It consists of stories which include flash cards for different levels. Get Reading Program 100 Words, 200 Words, 300 & 400 Words and 500 - 800 Words too.

Book Titles:
Making New Friends 认识新朋友 900字第一册
Sharing 分享好东西 900字第二册
Making Crafts 做手工 1000字第一册
Making Magic 变魔术 1000字第二册
The Confused Owl 误会猫头鹰 1100字第一册
Attending the Masquerade 参加化妆舞会 1100字第二册
Little Coyote Wears Clothes 小野狼穿校服 1200字第一册
Deer Cleaning Its Home 鼠鹿打扫家居 1200字第二册

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 14 pages, 7.25"x8.25"
Item: Reading Program 900 - 1200 Words (8 Books)
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