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Cool Panda Chinese Big Book for Kids BSG197


Cool Panda Chinese Language Teaching Resources for Kids consists of 30 readers that helps children learn Chinese using simple and repetitive texts, vivid illustrations and relatable content. Topics include numbers, colors, animals, family, society, science and Chinese culture etc., content subjects of science, social studies and more. Big books enhance teaching experiences in the classrooms.

Cool Panda少儿汉语教学资源是以海内外少儿汉语学习者为教学对象,基于高等教育出版社“本土化、一体化、数字化”思路推出的少儿汉语教学整体解决方案。Cool Panda少儿汉语教学资源以海内外少儿汉语诸多成熟大纲为依据,以主题为模块建设资源,包含数字、颜色、动物、家庭、社会、科学、中国文化等30多个主题,包含学生用书、学生读物、教学大书、教师用书、卡片等多种产品。

Book Titles:
Body Parts and Actions:
Good Friend 好朋友
Sorry, Snowman 对不起, 雪人
Birds Can Fly 鸟会飞
An Interesting Chinese Class 有趣的汉语课
Calendar and Time:
The Little Tadpoles Grew Up 小蝌蚪长大了
I'm So Lucky 我的运气真好
The Interesting Guests 有趣的客人
The Magic Clock 神秘的大钟
Shapes, Properties, Positions and Directions:
Christmas Gifts 圣诞礼物
A Nice Weekend 愉快的周末
Interesting Shapes 有趣的形状
Let's Compare 比一比
House, Home and Daily Routines:
Nini's Morning 妮妮的早晨
The Kitty and the Sunshine 小猫和阳光
My Room 我的房间
A Beautiful Day 美好的一天
Weather, Season and Nature:
The Sunflower 向日葵
Hello Polar Bear 北极熊,你好!
The Little Water Drops Journey 一滴水的旅行
Lets Go Camping 去露营啦

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 20 pages/book, 16.9"x14.5"
Item: Cool Panda Chinese Big Book for Kids
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