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Cool Panda Chinese Readers for Kids Level 2 (4 Books) BSG251


Cool Panda Chinese Language Teaching Resources for Kids is targeting at oversea young learners and followed localization, integration and e-learning principles. The series has taken various Chinese teaching curriculum and guidelines into consideration, and designed models by more then 30 topics and themes, which includes numbers, colors, animals, family, society, science and Chinese culture etc. It’s composed by student book, readers, big book, teacher’s book, flash cards and other teaching resources.

Cool Panda少儿汉语教学资源是以海内外少儿汉语学习者为教学对象,基于高等教育出版社“本土化、一体化、数字化”思路推出的少儿汉语教学整体解决方案。Cool Panda少儿汉语教学资源以海内外少儿汉语诸多成熟大纲为依据,以主题为模块建设资源,包含数字、颜色、动物、家庭、社会、科学、中国文化等30多个主题,包含学生用书、学生读物、教学大书、教师用书、卡片等多种产品。

Book Titles:
Important Dates 重要的日子

First Day of School 开学第一天
Today Is My Birthday 今天是我的生日
Important Festivals重要的节日
Arbor Day 植树节

The People I Know 我认识的人
Guess who she is 猜猜她是谁
What Do You lLke to Do? 你喜欢做什么?
I Have a Good Friend 我有一个好朋友
We Are Twins 我们是双胞胎

Family Life 家庭生活
What Do We Wear Today? 今天穿什么?
Were You Born in the Year of Dragon? 你属龙吗?
Happy Birthday to You ! 祝你生日快乐!
My Family Photo 我的全家福

School Life 学校生活
Interesting Sports 有趣的运动
My Pencil Case 我的文具盒 
The Parrot Learns Chinese 小鹦鹉学汉语
How Good I Have Big Feet! 有一双大脚真好!

Community Life 社区生活
Whose hat is it? 帽子是谁的?
Where do you work? 你在哪儿工作?
Where is the puppy? 小狗在哪里?
One Day 一天

Chinese Culture 中国文化
Spring Festival 春节
The Monkey King 美猴王
The Magician's Big Handkerchief 魔术师的大手帕
The Chinese Food Festival 中国美食节

About Me 我自己
One, Two, Three, Cheese! 一,二,三,茄子!
I Can Help 我会帮忙了
The Little Puppet 小木偶
Self-Introduction 自我介绍

Science 科学
Noisy House Quiet House 闹房子,静房子
I've Grown Up! 我长大了!
Does it Have Teeth? 它有牙齿么?
Objects and Materials 物品与材料

Animals 动物
Let's Do it Together! 大家一起来!
The Shark is Coming! 鲨鱼来了!
Who Can Play Hide-and-Seek? 谁会捉迷藏?
Whose Egg is This? 这是谁的蛋?

Travel 出行
Magical Journey 魔法旅行
Then and Now 过去和现在
Whose Bag is This? 这是谁的包?
Where is Chinatown? 中国城在哪里?

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 16-28 pages/book, 8.5"x7.25"
Item: Cool Panda Chinese Readers for Kids Level 2 (4 Books)
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