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Cool Panda Chinese Readers for Kids Level 3 (4 Books) BSG262


Cool Panda Chinese Language Teaching Resources for Kids is targeting at oversea young learners and followed localization, integration and e-learning principles. The series has taken various Chinese teaching curriculum and guidelines into consideration, and designed models by more then 30 topics and themes, which includes numbers, colors, animals, family, society, science and Chinese culture etc. It’s composed by student book, readers, big book, teacher’s book, flash cards and other teaching resources. 

Cool Panda少儿汉语教学资源是以海内外少儿汉语学习者为教学对象,基于高等教育出版社“本土化、一体化、数字化”思路推出的少儿汉语教学整体解决方案,以海内外少儿汉语诸多成熟大纲为依据,以主题为模块建设资源,包含数字、颜色、动物、家庭、社会、科学、中国文化等30多个主题,包含学生用书、学生读物、教学大书、教师用书、卡片等多种产品。 

Book Titles
School Life 学校生活

Which Country Are You From?  你是哪国人?      
Exploring the Treasure Box 探秘百宝箱
I'm a Detective  我是大侦探
My Classroom  我的教室

Sports and Hobbies 运动与爱好
Winter Sports 冰雪运动
Old Photos 老照片
Who Is Number One? 谁是第一名?
Chinese Like to Watch Ping-Pong Matches 中国人喜欢看乒乓球比赛

Numbers 数字
Dad’s Day 爸爸的一天
The Owner of the Cake 蛋糕的主人
Happy Chinese Restaurant 幸福中餐馆
How Much Is This? 这个多少钱?

Animals 动物
The Pet Store 宠物店
Wandering in the Sea 海底漫游
The Silkworm’s Grown Up 蚕宝宝长大了
The Missing Necklace 丢失的项链

Chinese Culture 中国文化
Chinese Dance Comprtition 中国舞比赛
What Day Is It Today 今天是个什么日子
Spectacular Architecture 奇妙的建筑
The Most 最

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 25 pages/book, 8.75"x7.5"
Item: Cool Panda Chinese Readers for Kids Level 3 (4 Books)
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