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This Is My Book - Guided Reading in Chinese Level 4 (30 Books) BSG248


It’s My Book establishes a system of reading levels based on the high frequently used Chinese characters from authorized Chinese textbook as well as the standards of International Curriculum for Chinese language Education by Hanban, China. 13 levels of Chinese reading set up in a range of 50 to 1,200 Chinese most frequently used characters. Reading text is leveled according to various parameters, including total character count, number of new words, sentence patterns, sentence length, and sentence complexity. The number of the words is controlled within 200 words for each story in this set of reading.




Book Titles:
1. Individuals 个人:
Keke's Birthday 可可的生日
Absent-minded Xiaoxiao 爱分心的笑笑
Do Things by Yourself 自己的事情自己做
The Story of Fangfang's Schoolbag 书包的故事
Who is Ill? 谁生病了
2. Family 家庭:
The Butterfly and the Caterpiller 蝴蝶和毛毛虫
Capable Mom 有本事的妈妈
A Letter to Dad 给爸爸的信
The Cowboy and the Weaver Girl 牛郎和织女
The Reunion on the Chinese Valentine's Day 七七相会
3. School 学校:
Write a Poem 学唐诗
Lele and Miaomiao 乐乐和苗苗
Chinese Numbers 中文数字
Cut a Cake 切蛋糕
Chinese New Year 我过中国新年
4. Social Life 社交:
Be a Good Citizen 做一个好公民
One Day of the Mayor 市长的一天
Who Will Be in Charge? 谁能当家
Zhu Bajie and the Watermelon 猪八戒吃西瓜
The Little Tiger Who Wants to Change His Color 会变色的小老虎
5. Flora and Fauna 动植物:
Keke Befriends a Puppy! 和小狗交朋友
Butterfly's Lifetime 蝴蝶的一生
The Little White Kitten 爱美的小白猫
The Old Man and the Monkeys 老人和猴子
The Story of the Dark Horse 黑马的故事
6. Nature 自然:
Where is Spring? 春天在哪里
Our Woods Home 树林是我们的家
The Big Leaf and the Small Leaf 大树叶和小树叶
What Does Mama Say? 问妈妈
The Balloon and the Sky 气球和空气

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 9 pages/book, 9"x6.9"
Item: This Is My Book - Guided Reading in Chinese Level 4 (30 Books)
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