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This Is My Book - Guided Reading in Chinese Level 5 (30 Books) BSG249


It’s My Book establishes a system of reading levels based on the high frequently used Chinese characters from authorized Chinese textbook as well as the standards of International Curriculum for Chinese language Education by Hanban, China. 13 levels of Chinese reading set up in a range of 50 to 1,200 Chinese most frequently used characters. Reading text is leveled according to various parameters, including total character count, number of new words, sentence patterns, sentence length, and sentence complexity. 

The number of the words is controlled within 250 words for each story in this set of reading.




Book Titles:
1. Individuals 个人:
"Playing Together" and "Playing by Oneself" 一起吹”和“一个人吹”
Li Bai and an Old Lady 李白和老婆婆
Feli's Cold Tea 菲利的凉茶
Protect Your Teeth 保护牙齿
Doctor Keke 给爷爷看病
2. Family 家庭:
A Great Book 一本好看的书
A Letter From the "Fish" 鱼儿来信
The Last Apple 最后一个苹果
Who Did Me a Favor? 谁做了好事
The Beauty Walking out of the Picture 巧姐下凡
3. School 学校:
The Dream of Martin Luther King 马丁·路德·金的梦想
Dear Grandpa 亲爱的爷爷
Dance Competition 小玉跳舞
Go Camping 野营去
Happy Teacher's Day 老师,节日快乐
4. Social Life 社交:
A Journey on the Sea 海上之行
Keke's Balloon 可可的气球
I Left Home Young 少小离家
The Swan Mother 天鹅要做妈妈了
Dream Came True 梦想成真
5. Flora and Fauna 动植物:
"Stars" in the Tree 树上的“星星”
The Skill of the Little Bee 小蜜蜂的本领
The Flower of the Little Squirre 松鼠的花
The Job of a Scientist 科学家的工作
One Year Later 一年以后
6. Nature 自然:
Sand Child and Wind Grandpa 沙孩子和风爷爷
If There Is No Atmosphere 如果没有它
Thunder and Rain 打雷了,下雨了
The Sun's Rays Light a Fire 太阳点火
Things That Can Move 会动的东西

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 9 pages/book, 9"x6.9"
Item: This Is My Book - Guided Reading in Chinese Level 5 (30 Books)
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