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The Great Sage Confucius BSL151


“If Heaven had not given birth to Confucius (alias Zhong Ni), the ages would have been a long, long night.” Confucius was a man who truly believed in learning, and he himself pursued learning all his life. He was convinced that learning was for the purpose of serving the government and, ultimately, serving the people. Confucius was also a dedicated educator who taught everyone without discrimination. Unable to reinstate li in the governance of his homeland, he ignored convention by teaching privately so that his learning could be passed on. It is said that Confucius had over 3,000 students. He was revered in later ages as the “Sage Teacher”. He wrote the noteworthy Spring and Autumn Annals and compiled many other notable works. Most importantly, he was a great thinker. During his life, he worked to reform and create a peaceful world. Today his thinking, known as Confucianism, is still a great source of inspiration for many people.

Paperback, English, 147 pages, 8.25"x6"
Item: The Great Sage Confucius
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