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Tea Time Music MCC055


This beautiful 2-CD set is the perfect musical accompaniment to enjoying tea and relaxing. The 32 traditional musical selections include "Falling Snow," "Person on the Water," "Heart Rain," and many more. Titles are listed in both English and Chinese.

CD 1 Tracks:

  1. Feeling of the Pieces of Maple Leaves
  2. Heart Rain
  3. The Poem in Autumn
  4. Youyou Water
  5. Grape is Maturity
  6. Tears of the Lover
  7. Princess Passionate
  8. Yearn about the Family Flavor
  9. Look at the Flower in the Fog
  10. Smoke, Rain and the Awry Sun
  11. Why Love You?
  12. Forgotten Love in the Heart
  13. Shall I Leave in the Quiet
  14. Wish You Safety
  15. Autumn Tie
  16. How Can I Walk You Off?

CD 2 Tracks:

  1. Falling Snow
  2. Love in Snow
  3. One Mei-Flower
  4. Going to Taibei to see The Rain in Winter
  5. Three Hundred Sixty-Five Kilometer Road
  6. Person On the Water
  7. Glass Heart
  8. A Love Dream
  9. Hi
  10. Chess
  11. Thousand Paper He-Bird
  12. A Wondering Lonely Guest
  13. Time Story
  14. Flow and Reflow
  15. Cheers With the Elaspsed
  16. My Future is Not a Dream

2 CDs, 16 Tracks Each
Item: Tea Time Music
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