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Alamuhan MCS019


From the Hans, Mongolians and Tibetans, to the Kazakh and Uigur of Xinjiang, the Chinese have enriched the world with their cultural diversities. Now in this album you have an opportunity to tune in to the feelings of these different ethnic cultures through their music. Interpreted by the sweet voices of the Beijing Angelic Choir, these regional folk songs reveal more than just words and stories. This award-winning children's choir, composed of the elites from several local choirs in Beijing, is distinguished by its wealth of lovely, well-trained voices. All the members of the choir sing with one voice which provides a fantastic world of timeless harmony. Through folk music, you'll get to know the inner consciousness of the mysterious and affectionate people found throughout China, so get ready to explore! English translations of the lyrics for each song are included in the accompanying booklet.


  1. Alamuhan (Uigur)
  2. Gesang Zhuoma (Tibet)
  3. Awariguli (Uigur)
  4. Flowers and Youths (Hui Tribe)
  5. The Babbling Stream (Yunnan)
  6. At the Faraway Place (Qinhai)
  7. Love Song of Kangding (Sichuan)
  8. Senjidema (Inner Mongolia)
  9. Farewell My Love (Northeastern China)
  10. Jasmine in June (Taiwan)
  11. Waiting for you (Xinjiang)
  12. Duldal and Maria (Kazakh Tribe)

CD, 12 Songs, Running Time: 44:35
Item: Alamuhan
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