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My Happy Paradise MCS040

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These 14 arrangements of classic folksongs evoke warm memories of simpler days. Produced by a team of Golden Melody Award winners, the blend of the Beijing Angelic Choir's sweet voices returns you to childhood scenes of natural joy-walking country roads, fishing in a pond, listening to the gurgle of a spring, laughing with animals. This collection of songs conjures a magical land for you and your children to wander through. Here you will find the happy child waiting to be discovered within you.

Tracks :

  1. Little Road in the Country
  2. Catching the Mudish
  3. A Happy Paradise
  4. Aeolian Bell Grass
  5. Little Friends who Love to Dance
  6. Listen to the Spring
  7. The Orchid Grass
  8. Boddhi Tree
  9. A Turkey in the Hay
  10. By the Sea
  11. Eight Little Geese
  12. Beautiful Night of the Prairie
  13. Good-bye My Plain
  14. The Big Sea Is My Home

CD, 14 Songs, by Beijing Angelic Choir
Item: My Happy Paradise
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