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The Jasmine Flower MCS020


This album presents a musical celebration of people from different regions of China and Taiwan. "The Jasmine Flower" features the harmonious and translucent sound of the Beijing Angelic Choir. This excellent children's choir, composed of the elites from several local choirs in Beijing, is distinguished by its wealth of lovely, well-trained voices. With the debut of their first album Chinese Lullabies, they entered the final round of the 1996 NAIRD Awards in the Best Children's Music category. Listen to any of their recordings and you'll see why! English translations of the lyrics for each song are included in the accompanying booklet. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox.Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Children from the Mountain (Taiwan)
  2. The Celebration of the Tribal Harvest Festivals (Sao Tribe)
  3. Tha Anthem of Parents (Hunan Province)
  4. Eight Fiery Horses (Mongolia)
  5. Snow-White Flower Blossoms (Va Tribe)
  6. Wedding (Hani Tribe)
  7. Dong-Dong Kui (The Anthem of Joy) (Tu-jia Tribe)
  8. The Jasmine Flower (Hebei Province)
  9. My Beautiful Homeland - Xigaze (Tibet)
  10. Lady A-Shi-Ma (Yi Tribe)
  11. The Jubilant Torch Festival Celebration (Yi Tribe)
  12. My Lovely Hometown (Maio Tribe)
  13. A Rainy Day (Cantonese Hakka)

CD, 13 Songs, Running Time: 44:44
Item: The Jasmine Flower
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