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Recall the Past By Xiao Juan MCT126


Recall The Past is a music  album made by Xiao Juan and her team.  Xiao Juan’s music style is simple and natural. It will take you far away from the city where you are living, and bring you the valley life feeling. One CD and a lyrics booklet are included in the album.

《细说往事:小娟&山谷里的居民》:在小娟的这张音乐专辑里,您能够听到悠然恬静的田园之美, 青草的芬芳,质朴而纯真的岁月感动,燃情而美妙的往事。远赴德国后期制作,非同凡响的国际水准,内附中文歌词本。

Song Included:
Recall the Past 细说往事  
Gone The Rainbow  
Remember Something 惦记这一些  
Separated by a River Forever 我俩永隔一江水  
My Home 我的家  
Love Me Again 再爱我一次  
The Season 春夏秋冬  
Green Island Sernade 绿岛小夜曲  
Fragile Heart 玻璃心  
Blowin' In The Wind  
Blank 空白  
Flower in the Spring 野百合也有春天  
Farmland of Dream 梦田  
Barn Swallow Comes Back 归来的燕子

By Xiao Juan, In Mandarin Chinese, DSD, 45'07"
Item: Recall the Past By Xiao Juan
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