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City In C Major (2CDs) MCT128


This folk music album was made by Xiao Juan and her team.  Xiao Juan’s music style is simple and natural. It will take you far away from the city where you are living, and bring you the valley life feeling. 2 CDs and a lyrics booklet are included in the album.


Song Includes:
Sunlight and Shade 相遇的光影
01 Small Village 小村庄
02 Picture of Sea 海的图桉
03 The Shy Summer 羞涩的夏日
04 To Marry a Girl 和一个女孩子结婚吧
05 Clock with Red Eyes 红眼睛的大钟
06 Alone at the Seaside 一个人在海边
07 Little Puppy and Puss 小猫小狗
08 I Wants to See Him 我要去见他

CD2 Sleeping Whisper 沉睡的细语
01 Pray 祈愿
02 Pitcher that Cries 会哭的水罐
03 Big Piece 一大片
04 Slipper 拖鞋
05 Lonely Soul 灵魂有一个孤寂的住所
06 Don’t Say Goodbye 不是再见
07 Crayon 蜡笔
08 Fairwell 离别

By Xiao Juan, In Mandarin Chinese, DSD, 90'
Item: City In C Major (2CDs)
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