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From Taipei to Danshui MCT127


This folk music album was made by Xiao Juan and her team.  Xiao Juan’s music style is simple and natural. It will take you far away from the city where you are living, and bring you the valley life feeling. One CD and a lyrics booklet are included in the album.


Song Included:
Prelude: Answer 序曲:答案
Miss 我的思念  
Breeze the Past 微风往事  
Country Road乡间小路  
Twilight Song 微光中的歌吟  
Clear Sound 一窗清响  
If 如果  
Rondo 回旋曲  
Rain Story 雨中的故事  
A Mei A Mei 阿美阿美  
Temple Fair 庙会  
Little Jasmine 小茉莉  
Walking in the Rain 走在雨中  
Endnote 尾声  
Special Recording: Beautiful Rice Grain 特别收录:美丽的稻穗Live

By Xiao Juan, In Mandarin Chinese, DSD, 45'07"
Item: From Taipei to Danshui
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