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Folk Songs from Yunnan MFM049

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Enjoy this beautiful CD collection of 15 popular folk songs from Yunnan proinvce. Each selection illustrates the beauty of Yunnan known for its beautiful landscapes, colorful minorities and intriguing culture. Titles are listed in both English and Chinese.

  1. Small River
  2. Ten Girls
  3. Please Stay Behind, Guest Far Away
  4. Guess Melody
  5. The Sweet - Scented Osmanthus Blossom
  6. Jumping Under Moonlight
  7. Bell Ringring, Birds Singing
  8. Herdsmen's Song
  9. A Beautiful Place
  10. Pick Up Tea Leaves
  11. By Butterfly Spring
  12. Wedding Swear
  13. Fengwei Bamboo Under Moon
  14. Girls Born to Love Singing
  15. Where Is The Spring In Shani?

CD, 15 Tracks
Item: Folk Songs from Yunnan
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