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Folk Songs from Tibet MFM053

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Enjoy this beautiful CD collection of 18 popular folk songs from Tibet. Each selection illustrates the beauty of Tibet. Titles are listed in both English and Chinese. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Into Tibet
  2. Qinzhang Plateau
  3. On Golden Mountain In Beijing
  4. Please Have Ghe Tea
  5. Song of Washing Laundry
  6. Roaming Around New Town
  7. Beautiful Tibet River
  8. Zhong Ba Lang Song
  9. Serf Stand Up and Sing
  10. Toast Song
  11. Luoba Expanding Wings and Flying
  12. Casangla
  13. Yamjasong
  14. Suffering Changes Into Honey After Communist Party's Coming
  15. Brilliance of Chairman Mao
  16. Golden Sun In Beijing
  17. Amalaihong
  18. Beautiful Renzhenwangmu

CD, 18 Tracks
Item: Folk Songs from Tibet
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