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Ancient Chinese Inventions BHT215


The book introduces many Chinese inventions covering all aspects of life, from the four major inventions -- gunpowder, paper, printing, compass -- to numerous other major and smart inventions such as iron and steel smelting, the decimal and binary systems, acupuncture, kite, abacus, parachute, and many more. China has been an important source of human civilization and given birth to brilliant ancient science and technology. It has led the world in most of the history of world civilization. The development of science and technology in ancient China was based on the observation and study of the human body, the objective world, the heavens, and the earth, which led to the concept of "Integration of nature and man". The achievements nourished Chinese culture and civilization, and contributed greatly to mankind.

By Deng Yinke, Paperback, English, 134 Pages, 9.05" x 6.75"
Item: Ancient Chinese Inventions
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