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The Magic School Bus Series Set 1 BLC361


The Magic School Bus series is a wonderful literary series for children, intended to teach them scientific concepts. Now children can enjoy it in Simplified Chinese characters. The creaters of the series allow readers to laugh while they learn in an animated and fact-filled adventure. Ages 6-9. Get The Magic School Bus series 2 The Magic School Bus series 3 and The Magic School Bus series 4 too.

《神奇校車》是一套將奇特想像和抽象的科學知識完美融合的科普繪本,情節驚險刺激,語言生動爆笑,對話童稚可愛,知識卻清晰嚴謹,展示了一種新奇的、迷人的、另類的自然科學教育方式。在一次次不可思議的神奇之旅中,在孩子們體驗原理、學會操作、懂得思考、愛上科學,這樣一套書,讓孩子們大呼好看,讓家長老師們頻頻推薦,讓出版界嘆為觀止。不愧是迄今為止,世界上最暢銷、最受歡迎、最棒的也是堪稱經典的兒童科學圖畫書。 《神奇校車》是美國學子出版社暢銷不止的重點品,出版25年來,在美國銷售逾5800萬冊,已被譯成10多種語言,行銷全球,本本精彩, 孩子的視角、孩子的想像、孩子的好奇心,無處不在!

Book Titles:
1.At The Waterworks 小水滴大旅行
2.Inside the Earth 鑽入地底
3.Lost in the Solar System 太陽系迷航記
4.On the Ocean Floor 潛進海龍宮
5.Dinosaur Dynasty 拜訪恐龍王朝
6.Inside the Human Body 人體神秘遊
7.Inside the Hurricane 穿越颱風
8.Inside a Beehive 蜂巢歷險記
9.Electric Field Trip 電路大冒險
10.Explore the Senses 感官大探索 
11.The Science Fair Expedition 科學博覽
12.The Climate Challenge 氣候大變遷
13.Explores Human Evolution 人類大演化

By Joanna Cole, Illustrated by Bruce Degen, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin, 42-50 pages/book, 8.65"x10.25"
Item: The Magic School Bus Series Set 1
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