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Animal Story (8 Books/Set) BLC404


This is the story about a small dog who goes over the mountains to visit his aunt but on the way there, he stumbled through one strange thing; to help the poor small animals along the trail. In their world, we not only can they share their happiness, happiness, and it is better to learn to be brave, optimistic and have good quality of friendship and mutual assistance.


Book Titles:
Taste of Happiness 幸福的味道
Outo's Umbrella 奥托的伞
Little Bear and The Fire Dragon 小熊和喷火龙
Cruise Trip in Kindergarten 幼儿园邮轮之旅
Fly With Theo 和西奥一起飞翔
Little Whale Tom 小鲸汤姆
The Crow Wearing Red Scarf 戴红围巾的乌鸦
Little Dinosaur's Breakfast 小恐龙的早餐

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 Pages/Book, 3.95"X3.95"
Item: Animal Story (8 Books/Set)
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