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National Geographic--Ultimate: Weird but True BLC627


This supersized, hardcover addition to the blockbuster Weird But True series, Ultimate Weird But True is packed 1,000 amazing facts and eye-popping photos that prove truth really is stranger than fiction. With a colorful, metallic cover, a kid-friendly design, and a wacky sense of humor, this stunning book will give kids a winning combination of smarts and fun.

《美国国家地理 终极版真的好奇怪》在美国国家地理少儿杂志中的最受小读者们喜欢的“真的好奇怪”这一知识板块中,挑选出了最有趣、最受孩子喜欢的知识条集结成册。书中有300个有趣、令人惊奇的知识点,内容涵盖科学、地理、动物、食物、天气、流行文化乃至外太空,趣味而怪异的知识,轻松活泼的版式,非常适合小读者们阅读,不仅能激发孩子们的阅读兴趣,还能增长孩子的见识。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 183 pages, 11"x8.5"
Item: National Geographic--Ultimate: Weird but True
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