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National Geographic Angry Birds BLC657


When playing Angry Birds, it requires the player to shoot the target with a slingshot involves the basic principles of physics. What angle you need to launch the target at and how much force is required to destroy the pig. You need to consider the impact of acceleration, quality of the shot and gravity. This is all related to the physical mechanics. What are other science secrets, unveil lighting and thunder and also the speed of it. Beautiful light appears in the North Pole, how was that created? What to know more physical phenomena? Secret Angry Birds will take you there.
Young readers can follow the birds to complete numerous tasks, to explore “Kepler-16b” a real” Tatooine” planet, to experience the wonders of Motion Picture Arts and realistic relationship, to understand the working principle of the hovercraft and find out the reality of manufacturing laser sword. How far is this planet? The book will demystify the Milky Way and help readers explore the universe behind science fiction incredible inventions and scientific theories. Also included is a bonus chapter which reveal secrets about the game “Angry Birds: Star Wars” version, the role of the bird, the situation of the planet and tactics Cheats. Please click here for each title description.


Book Titles:
Angry Birds Seasons 愤怒的小鸟带你环游世界过佳节
Secret Forces力量的秘密
Star Wars 星球大战

By Rhett Allain, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 153-159 Pages/Book, 6.75"x6.75"
Item: National Geographic Angry Birds
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