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National Geographic: Great Migration BLC675


Many kinds of animals make annual migrations, and their stories reveal incredible strength and will to survive. These treks are magnificently documented in Great Migrations, the children's illustrated companion to the 7-hour National Geographic television special of the same name. Created for the huge audience of young animal lovers—and for the nation's schools, where migration is taught as part of the core curriculum—this book spotlights wild creatures of highest interest to children. Action-filled photo spreads have immense "wow" appeal as animals vault over obstacles and escape the clutches of predators. Info-graphic spreads pack in the fascinating facts, with at-a-glance information on where, why, and how animals migrate.Please view more details on each title in Traditional Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Butterfly's Journey 蝴蝶的旅程
Amazing Journey 驚奇的旅程
Elephant's Journey 大象的旅程 
Whale's Journey 鯨魚的旅程

By Laura Marsh, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Character, 48 pages/book, 8.25"X6.25"
Item: National Geographic: Great Migration
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